• Royal Circus
  • Royal Circus

Creating the Royal Circus logo was a great opportunity to bring to life a unique brand mark for a frontier business specialising in custom jewellery, clothing and accessories sourced from around the globe. Locked and loaded to the hilt with personality and pioneering spirit, the brief was to create a fresh brand mark with impact.

The final approach distils a unique hand built feel with rough and ready organic treatments. Textural qualities add depth without compromising versatility in utilising the mark across a wide variety of both print and digital settings. The skull and canon motif represents the focus and passion that Royal Circus bring to the party in the form of their unique range of hand-picked and idiosyncratic jewellery, clothing and accessories.

The Royal Circus brand and logo pushes itself free of mainstream fashion styles and maintains a simple and elegant mark that’s flexible enough to create impact across online assets through to signage and printed materials. Through considered simplification of form, detailed typographic flourishes and introduction of the torn flag device, a memorable brand is allowed to unleash itself and create it’s own meaning and visual language. In their own words ‘Alternative products for greasers, rock-a-billies, pin-up dolls, roller derby babes, biker boys, punks and those who are sick of the same old s*%$.’

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